Community Harmony

Functional and practical public spaces

Great civic spaces are a society’s pride. This is a category for professionals who have excelled in projects like community toilets, parks, museums, bus stops, railways stations, etc that have had a significant impact in elevating a community’s way of life.

Criteria and guidelines

Special criteria

  • Professionals should send in their completed, functional and practical projects of public infrastructure like community toilets, parks, museums, bus stops, railways stations, etc.
  • Photographs should preferably show the space in its actual function and in use.

Entry rules & regulations:

  • Participants must upload their entries on the microsite in PDF, JPEG or PNG format only. It is an online submission.
  • Entries can also be submitted by email at Entries submitted over email must include the following details: designer name, firm name, contact details, company website, category and sub-category, project description (in 300 words or less) and project location.
  • Submissions must include sketches, plans, elevations, any other before and after images of the space with professionally shot pictures (interiors and exteriors).
  • The number of pages in the PDF/Images should not exceed 10. The total file size should not be greater than 50 MB.
  • The project should be described as per the guideline questions in a document in 300 words or less. All information on the project must be addressed through ONE sheet of the PDF only.
  • The project must be absolutely complete and based in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Maldives.
  • The project should not be more than 5 years old (not older than 2017).
  • Projects that have won or been nominated in previous KBDAs are not eligible to re enter.