Setting unparalleled benchmarks of excellence, the KOHLER Bold Design Awards is nothing short of an arena that has witnessed stalwarts from the field of architecture and design contend for the coveted Golden Pencil. Famed across the globe for their treasure trove of impeccable design sensibilities, creations and projects, the KBDA has acknowledged and accoladed India’s finest architects and interior designers over the last two editions.

Since its inception, the KBDA strives to applaud and grant a podium like no other to the crème de la crème in the field of design and innovation. To ensure this, a jury of eminent international and Indian architects and designers will select the most outstanding projects. The Golden Pencil isn't made of wood and lead but of steel and gold. And while it may not draw on paper it demarcates the ordinary from the sublime. The KBDA is making a comeback after four long years that have taught us immense lessons and learnings in the way we lead our lives. In the light of new awakenings, renewed thought-processes that focus upon multifaceted aspects will have the Golden Pencil outline their exemplary achievements.

The KBDA celebrates the futuristic vision of designers and architects who can inspire others and establish a culture of design that is thought-provoking. Immortalising the winners, The Golden Pencil will etch their names in letters of gold within history books.

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The Visionaries
This category honours architects who are looking at the future of design, taking bold strides while also making a positive Read More
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The Extraordinaries
This category celebrates individuals who are specialists in cutting-edge projects, leaders of innovation and are at the Read More
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Life Time Achievement
This category recognises honours and applauds a noteworthy personality from the architecture and design community, known for their noteworthy contributions. Read More
 Lifetime Achievement Award
Raj Rewal
Category: Lifetime Achievement Award

Raj Rewal is an Indian architect and urban design consultant who studied architecture in New Delhi and London. His humanist approach to architecture responds to the complexities of rapid urbanisation, the demands of climate, cultural traditions, and building crafts and technologies. His built works comprise a wide range of building types, including the Nehru Pavilion, the Scope office complex, the Central Institute of Educational Technology, the World Bank building, the National Institute of Immunology, the Parliament Library, and the Asian Games Village, all located in New Delhi, India, as well as the Ismaïli Centre in Lisbon, Portugal. Mr. Rewal's commitment to housing is also central to his built works. In 1989, Mr. Rewal was awarded the Gold Medal of the Indian Institute of Architects, and the Robert Mathew Award of the Commonwealth Association of Architects; in 1993, he was presented the Mexican Association of Architects Award, and is also the recipient of the Great Masters Award of the JK Trust. Mr. Rewal's works have been widely exhibited and published, with monographs in English and French; his most recent publication is entitled Humane Habitat at Low Cost. Mr. Rewal was a professor at the New Delhi School of Architecture and Planning, and has taught and delivered lectures at universities in Asia, America, and Europe.

Swarup Dutta
Joint Winner - Rebuild and Revive
Ankur Choksi
Joint Winner - Rebuild and Revive
Anubhav Gupta
Joint Winner – Rebuild and Revive
Tony Joseph
Winner - Environmental Conscious
Samir Raut
Winner - Material & Skill Adaptation
Smaran Mallesh
Winner - Commercial
Saurabh Pradeep Malpani
Joint Winner - Residential
Verendra Wakhloo
Joint Winner - Residential
Dhananjay Shinde
Joint Winner - Public Institution
Karan Grover
Joint Winner - Public Institution
Sanjay Puri
Winner - The big Idea
Ketan Jawdekar
Winner - Hospitality
Krishnan V & Parvez Charania
Winner - Retail
Abin Chaudhuri
Winner - Community Harmony